Grote Kerk
D. A. Flentrop, 1969
The first notice of a stone church in Breda is from 1269. In 1410 the construction of the present church started with the choir. In 1468 the church was ready but, in 1457, the old tower had collapsed and between 1468 and 1509 the current tower was build.  Building continued until 1547 when the church was finished in its current shape. The tower spire burned in 1694 and the current spire was build in 1702. From 1843 onwards, many restaurations took place, the last big restoration took place from 1993 until 1998.

The organ in the Grote Kerk of Breda is one of the larger organs in the Netherlands and the history goes back to the 16th century. At that time the organ only possessed 16 stops. After being displaced several times, the organ arrived at its present location in the church in 1712. After restoration of the church between 1904 and 1956 a new organ was ordered from D.A. Flentrop in Zaandam with the proviso to use as much of the old parts as possible. In 1969 the organ was inaugurated. It is a unique instrument and famous far beyond the Dutch border. The organ counts 53 stops and 4 manuals and pedal. In total it counts 3780 pipes.
C.M.Widor, Symphony No.6 - Allegro - Matteo Imbruno
Cesar Franck, Choral no. 3 - part 1       part 2 -  Matteo Imbruno
photo scorpio1986gr
Messiaen,  'Joie et clarté'
Bram Brandemann
Messiaen, 'Combat de la Mort et de la Vie'
photo Wim van der Ros
photo Ad de Leeuw
Choralfantasie "Ein feste Burg ist unser Gott" op. 27 Wouter van den Broek, organ

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