Grote Kerk
Den Haag
Metzler & Söhne, 1971
The Grote- or St. Jacobskerk dates from the middle of the fifteenth century. The hexagonal tower was built around 1420 and by the end of the century
the church had reached its present size. It is easily the best of Den Haag's old churches, the building's cavernous interior, with its three naves of equal height, has an exhilarating sense of breadth and handsome timber vaulting. Like most Dutch churches, it is short on decoration, but there are one or two highlights, notably the stained-glass windows in the choir ambulatory. Two are particularly exquisite and may well be the work of Dirk Crabeth, one of the craftsmen responsible for the windows in Gouda's St Janskerk. Among the many grave stones is the one of father and son Constantijn and Christiaan Huygens. Ties with the Dutch Royal family are strong, many members of the House of Orange were baptized or wedded here.

The main organ of the  Grote Kerk belongs to one
of the most beautiful new church organs in the Netherlands and is regularly featured in organ recitals. It was built by the Swiss firm Metzler & Söhne in 1971. The front was designed by Bernard Edskes.
Organ Mass  -  Nicolas de Grigny
   a. Et in terra pax
   b. Fugue
   c. Duo
   d. Récit de tierce en taille
   e. Basse de trompette
   f. Dialogue

Variations on a recitative - Arnold Schönberg 
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photo pietbron
photo Casa dell'Arte

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